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Episode Two: Crossing The Line

At what point does an undercover agent stop being a cop, and become a criminal? Can a cop really infiltrate New Zealand's tightest gangs? And what happens if he is suspected?

Crossing the Line covers the controversial policy of sending undercover agents into some of New Zealand's deadliest gangs during the 1980s.

While living undercover became an adrenaline rush for many agents, it also took a very personal toll on some. This episode explores the casualties of the New Zealand Police Undercover Programme, including ex-agent and convicted heroin importer Wayne Haussmann.

"You've gotta do what everyone else is doing, to maintain your cover." (Ex-agent)
How did it affect their personal relationships? Could they still trust people the same way? What skills were absolutely essential for the job? What did it take to tell that first lie?

We see undercover work on the brink of change. Something had to be done to stop the parade of casualties - broken cops who were leaving the force drug-addicted and disaffected.

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