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Determining the boundary of your site sets the scene for your garden. Before you start any project in the garden you should spend time in it and define the boundaries. So, take the time sit back, relax and take note of the following important considerations:

- Look at what is in your space as well as what is beyond it what sort of environment surrounds your garden? Is it coastal, bush clad, rural? And where are the neighbours?
- Will you want to incorporate the view into your garden or will you want to mask it?
- How do both the positive and negative external factors influence your garden where does your garden get the sun? The prevailing winds? Are there drainage issues on the property?
- What is the overall feeling you are trying to create do you want to make a large space feel more cosy and intimate or do you want to make a small space feel larger and more spacious?
- Consider borrowing the landscape beyond the garden to make it feel bigger than it is, or blurring the boundaries between your garden and the surrounding environment.

These factors will all influence the planting you choose and the fencing you use. Its a good idea for the fencing materials to blend with the house, unless you want the fence to be a stand out feature. Likewise the boundary planting can determine how obvious or subtle you want the boundary line to be.


- Let the sun in - plan shady areas for the summer and sunny areas for the winter
- Create a sheltered environment
- Create a private environment
- Frame the view
- Use a variety of height and colour in both fencing and planting to create interest and accentuate the theme of your garden and your house
- Borrow the landscape beyond the garden if you can.