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TVNZ Heartland

The Truth Files

Thursday at 8.30pm

Starting for the first time on Heartland tonight is The Truth Files, with host Geoff Houtman.
The series sees Houtman on a quest to find answers to questions about specific topics including: Will my cell phone give me brain cancer?; Should party pills be made illegal?; Is there any such thing as a miracle diet?; Can people really communicate with the dead?; and Who is spying on me?

Houtman meets many people in the course of each show who help him on his quest - by providing expert advice, medical or scientific know-how, anecdotal evidence, first-person experience or straight-out personal opinion.

Part of Houtman's mission is to explore and debunk urban myths - where did they come from - how did start - are they true - how can they be tested - should they be discredited?

By the end of each episode, Houtman will have sorted fact from fiction and discovered answers to the questions he started out with - hopefully!