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School of Success on TVNZ Heartland

About the show

A three part popular factual series, which answers the question: can you learn how to be successful?

The School of Success takes 12 participants from all walks of life all with the same goal - to become more materially successful.

These "students" go back to school to learn the skills required to achieve their success goals. From a millionaire aiming for the rich list to an ATM installer hoping to become a police officer, the skills required are the same.

Our experts Dr Marc Wilson, business guru Tony Falkenstein and master motivator John Wall, challenge the students to take responsibility for their own success. For three months the students must undertake experiments, personality profiles and have their business plans put under scrutiny. Who will crumble and who will achieve their success dreams? The results are surprising!.

Over three episodes we follow our 12 students on their road to success. To see who has what it takes to adapt their behaviour, take on new business advice and push themselves out of their comfort zone. The risks are high, huge money has been invested into some of these business plans and everyone is emotionally invested in their success dream. Will the students last the distance?

School of Success starts Thursday 3rd Feburary at 7pm on TVNZ Heartland.

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