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Mitre 10 Mega The Fence

About the show

Three couples, six singles, two rundown houses and one fence between them - a fence which divides men and women, husbands and wives, a fence which will become the focus of 12 people who are chasing the renovating dream of a lifetime in Mitre 10 Mega The Fence.

Each week Monday's episodes show the contestants compete to renovate the best rooms, then in Tuesday's episodes a designer and builder put the expert finishing touches on the winning room.

The houses on either side of the fence are almost identical, they're bland and in need of major renovation.

Six men live in and renovate one house while six women do the same with the house on the other side of the fence.

Each week someone will be voted out from each house and in the end, the person living in the house with the highest value will win the profit form the auction of the house and its contents. 

Mitre 10 Mega The Fence starts Monday 18 April at 10pm and Tuesday 19th April at 10.30pm on TVNZ Heartland

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