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An Immigrant Nation on TVNZ Heartland

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Like so many countries, New Zealand is a nation of immigrants. Many of these people were driven from their homes by war, famine or oppression. Others came as sojourners always intending to go home. All of them came in search of a new life.

Through a series of emotional and personal stories, An Immigrant Nation, starting on Heartland today, encapsulates the immigrant experience. Each programme explores issues such as prejudice, loss, longing and a feeling of always having a foot in two worlds. The series also looks at life for different generations, about where they feel they belong and issues of preservation of culture.

The stories covered throughout the series include; Dalmation at Heart, which sees the story of the Dalmations from the coast of Croatia; The Unbroken Thread, the story of a unique Italian fishing community; The Irish: Just Slightly A People Apart about three Irish families; Footprints Of The Dragon, looking at the lives of Chinese migrants; A Little Piece of Deutschland, the story of German wine-maker Almuth Lorenz: From Sri Lanka & With Sorrow, which focuses on New Zealand's small but vibrant Sri Lankan community; and Searching for Paradise, the story of a young Samoan musician, Pati Umaga.

Although each story is specific to a cultural group, the issues travel across cultural boundaries. Within each, individual and family stories act as a window into the immigrant culture and community. Each goes back to the country of origin and the New Zealand they found on their arrival.