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About the show:

Off The Rails is a hard act to follow, so where do you send Marcus Lush when he has travelled the length of New Zealand in search of great people, places and stories? 


Marcus Lush and a crew from Jam TV, the company behind Intrepid Journeys, threw themselves at the continent for one summer and this fascinating five-part television series is the result.

Ice delivers more than just pretty pictures of penguins and whales, although they definitely make an appearance. 

The combination of historical footage, background information from New Zealand and New Zealanders associated with Antarctica, and Marcus' sheer enthusiasm makes for a chance to get a handle on a continent that very few have a chance to experience.

The episodes are themed, and it's not just all spent at Scott base, plenty of time is spent in the field at ice caves and in tents.

The show also investigates and celebrates New Zealand's many connections with Antarctica - connections that go back over a century.


Ice - screening on TVNZ Heartland. To see the full TVNZ Heartland programme schedule, click here.