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About the show:

Explorers is a stunning documentary series that retraces some of the perilous journeys undertaken by New Zealand's pioneers.

Guide and host Peter Elliott swaps the comforts of modern maritime transport for a pair of sturdy tramping boots and plunges into some of New Zealand's most forbidding and spectacular hinterland to uncover the tracks of four of our pioneering explorers.

Over the course of the series, Elliot recreates the journeys of four great explorers - Charles Heaphy, Thomas Brunner, Alpheus J Barrington and William Colenso.

He tramps through remote and exposed country and experiences some of the hardships that explorers faced 150 years ago - endless rain, flooded rivers, freezing cold and ravenous mosquitoes.

Elliot also details the often-dramatic landscape changes in the intervening years and reflects on how the journeys are affecting him mentally and physically.

Explorers starts on TVNZ Heartland on Wednesday 18th August at 5pm.

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