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Blokes: The Kiwi Male Revealed

About the show:

A series that gets under the skin and inside the brain of the average kiwi bloke.

Mike King presents a series of six half hour programmes that explore the mind of the Kiwi Male - his likes, dislikes, his hopes, his fears and his thoughts on life as a post-modern bloke in the 21st century.  

Presented as a series of interviews with men aged between 20 & 80 something, the programmes cover topics ranging from what do men find attractive? sex on the first date, shopping, infidelity to depression and coping with your father's death.

The discussion runs in themes and there are episodes on Sex, Health, Work, Friends & Family and that old chestnut; Relationships.

Mike King's style is tongue in cheek and at times provocative - the programmes cover serious issues but don't hesitate to laugh at men's failings or make fun of stereotypes. There's not a woman to be seen except of course as a gratuitous sex object.

As well as hearing from real Kiwi men talking frankly about their lives - Mike also seeks the advice of a "Panel of Experts" (read; some mates at the pub), who have been carefully chosen for their wit wisdom and insight. They provide extra guidance, comment and spirited argument on everything from the trivial to more thorny issues.

It's a series about men from men. Women are fascinated the answers and men are generally pleased to hear other guys saying what they've always secretly thought.

Frank, funny, revealing and occasionally touching the programmes provide fresh insight into the NZ male.

Blokes: The Kiwi Male Revealed starts Thursday 22 July at 10pm on TVNZ Heartland.

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