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About Birdland

Presented by Jeremy Wells, Birdland is all about birds and bird lovers, though its not your typical wildlife show.

Birdland takes viewers on an unconventional yet informative journey that soaks up some of New Zealand's most beautiful scenery, glorious birds and some wonderfully eccentric characters of the birding world.

From the deafening dawn chorus that greeted Kupe to the recent arrival of rogue Australian parrots, New Zealand's feathered history is rich with wonderful stories and characters. Wells investigates this history and promises to leave no ornithological oddity unturned.

There will be bird watchers, bird historians, battery farmers, animal-liberators, mutton-birders, pigeon fanciers, poachers, duck hunters, and people who dress as chickens for money.

Viewers are sure to be captivated by the world of birds and those who watch them.

Birdland screens Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm from 29th January on TVNZ Heartland

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