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Good Morning relocating to Auckland at end of year

5 April 2011

Good Morning relocating to Auckland at end of year

TVNZ is relocating its weekday mid-morning programme Good Morning to Auckland from the end of the year.

TVNZ Chief Executive Rick Ellis said today that a new mid-morning programme would be launched in 2012 that would be based out of the company's Auckland Television Centre.

"The Good Morning team have done an outstanding job out of Avalon. But the implementation of our new multi-million dollar digital infrastructure and play out facilities in our Auckland TVC mean we have the opportunity to better utilise staff, technology and studios and further grow the revenue and profitability of the show," Mr Ellis said.

"We want to build the show from its current strong base to make it even more attractive to audiences and advertisers."

Good Morning's move to Auckland will also free up Avalon for other potential work. TVNZ was looking at options for utilising Avalon's studios post December 2011, perhaps by third parties for film or overseas long format television dramas.

Avalon has four purpose built television studios and a high definition control room as well as extensive set design and build workshops, wardrobe, make-up and green rooms. There was also an extensive back lot available for production use.

TVNZ was in early discussions with local and international interests.

He said TVNZ would exit and sell Avalon after June 2013, when existing contracts with key customers come up for renewal.

"The utilisation of the studios by third parties could enhance our potential to sell Avalon in due course. The tower block and some land on the Avalon site were sold in 2003."

Some Good Morning production staff may be relocated to Auckland at the end of the year but regrettably there could potentially be up to 12 Full time equivalent positions redundant and a number of contract positions affected as a result of the move. Whether or not there are further redundancies leading up to June 2013 will depend on the future use of Avalon.

The TVNZ Archive at Avalon will not be impacted by these changes.

"We'll work this through with staff closer to the time. We're telling staff now because we want to give people certainty and as much time as possible to make plans.

"The need for Avalon's large studio facilities for local television production has steadily decreased over the years with the outsourcing of programme making and big budget studio based local shows being less profitable to commission."



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