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TVNZ Accelerated Flow Programme Credits Guide

July 2013

All programme junctions on TV One and TV 2 that air in peaktime will include an accelerated flow end credit sequence (ACF).

Production requirements

  • All channel branded accelerated flow elements will be created in house by TVNZ.
  • Productions are only required to provide a programme complete with generic international style end credits.

The style of programme end credits is at the discretion of the programme producer.

End Credits can be in any legible font, arranged as static captions, a roller or a crawl.

No attempt should be made to imitate TVNZ channel branding, if in doubt use simple white on black graphics.

The layout of the end credits should conform to 14:9 graphics safe area guidelines.

Production Company and NZOA credits must be incorporated into the 30 second duration.

All voiceovers and dialogue should have finished by the start of the end credits.

A vision and audio fade from the end of the last programme part is required to separate the credit sequence.

Any 'Next Time on...' packages must be included within the programme duration and have finished before the credit roll. NB: Avoid saying next week as schedule changes and repeat patterns may invalidate this.

If in doubt please consult with TVNZ Commissioning or TVNZ Presentation for additional information on the accelerated flow delivery requirements.


If specifically approved by TVNZ commissioning, programmes may be delivered and aired with non ACF alternative end credits. Such exceptions may include; credits embedded within Live Action content, credits over a next time promo, or specific music integration from programme to credits. Please contact TVNZ for clarification and approval.

Supplier/ Service Credits

Where it has been agreed to credit suppliers, then those credits (and/or logos) will be accommodated in the 30 second credit strap and be positioned within the ACF layout. Please ensure that these credit logos are approved by your commissioner prior to their creation.

NZ ON AIR Credits

When required, the New Zealand On-Air credit also plays within the ACF layout. This 5 second animation follows the same rules as a production company credit.

To successfully transfer your text credits to the ACF sequence, we request the following:

  • When there are sponsor logos or production badges integrated into end credits, we may on occasion require such logos to be supplied separately (as graphical files). In order to be integrated into the ACF strap.
  • A text (.txt) file or Word document (.doc) with the text of the end credits will enable us to transpose content directly onto the strap and thus avoid any spelling or grammatical errors.