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Tribal Wives


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Saturday at 1.20pm

Final: High-flying Andy Wraith comes from a cluttered, successful world. Amongst the Indonesian Mentawai tribe, Andy is adopted as daughter of the tribe and is forced to re-evaluate just what success means.

Tribal Wives:

Six British women abandon their plush lives to live in amongst some of the world's most remote tribes.

It's Desperate Housewives meets Intrepid Journeys as the women travel to the most remote pockets of the world.

Each woman must work, eat and sleep exactly as the other tribal women in order to experience what it is really like to live as a member of their community.

The members of the local tribe are on-hand to chart the progress. 

The candid interviews will assess how well each woman is integrating into the community, how useful she is and the strength of the individual relationships she forges. The members will also offer their perspective on Western culture.

Will the women rise to the challenges thrown at them? Or will they simply miss their Western lifestyle too much?