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Treasure Island: Pirates Of The Pacific


Treasure Island: Pirates of the Pacific

This series is off-air.

About Treasure Island: Pirates of the Pacific:

Think Johnny & Kiera, think Pirates of the Caribbean in the sun... and you have the all-new series of local favourite, Treasure Island: Pirates Of The Pacific, hosted by Matthew Ridge.

It's time to venture back into the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, in a remote corner of the Fijian islands - for a whole new Treasure Island challenge. The 12 contestants are faces from the world of entertainment, sport and television - nationally and internationally.

From banned footballer Wendell Sailor, to the infamous tell-all Rebecca "I slept with David Beckham" Loos, to our very own rugby legend Glen Osborne; these contestants may be a world apart but they all have one thing in common - the fierce desire to win the $50,000 prize!

Split into two villages, consisting of three men and three women each, the teams will compete every day in mental and physical challenges to win food and privileges, to survive in the harsh pirate environment, and to avoid elimination from the game. They all expect to play the game of a lifetime - a game where they must rely on each other one day, and betray each other the next. They have no idea what they are letting themselves in for... in fact, they probably think they're the only ones playing this game, as Treasure Island: Pirates Of The Pacific takes a twist like no other Treasure Island has.

A wise tactic for the contestants over the next 13 weeks will be for them to presume that nothing is really as it seems... They're about to enter a world of fantasy and fear and step back in time to when pirates ruled the seas. This is no ordinary game - you never know when or where the wrath of an angry pirate could strike. Yes, the rules have changed, so come and join the hunt on TV2 as Treasure Island: Pirates Of The Pacific looks to unveil one overall winner.