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Nigel Latta

Series 1, Episode 1 Nigel Latta: Killing Our Kids 19 Aug 14 00:43:57

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Treasure Island: Couples At War

Courtney Robinson & Mark Hewlett

South-African born Mark Hewlett melted hearts when he gave a chunk of the $100,000 he won in Fear Factor Champions to his New Zealand-based parents and constantly sang the praises of our lovely little country. In fact, Mark loved his parents new home so much he has moved here as well and is now working on radio station ZM. After taking part in a number of breathtaking stunts and eating some unimaginably nasty concoctions on Fear Factor, Mark reckons he's up for any challenge that Treasure Island can throw at him. Mark - who has developed diabetes since his win - has become a passionate advocate for living a full life in spite of the condition, and says nothing with hold him back.

Joining Mark on the island is his gorgeous American girlfriend Courtney Robinson, a model with extensive international experience - including shoots for Abercrombie & Fitch, Guess, Coca Cola and more.