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Nat Sullivan on The Zoo

Nat Sullivan

Nat Sullivan is the Pridelands team leader at Auckland Zoo. In this season, Nat faces up to her fear of seals and sea lions and gets in the pool with them at Sea lion Shores. Nat is passionate about shark conservation, and hopes that she will be able to fulfil her dream of diving with them.

Name: Nat Sullivan

Age:  33

Where do you live? Three Kings

Zoo position: Pridelands team leader

Works with: giraffes, lions, rhino, zebra, ostrich, cheetah, hippo, baboon, flamingo

Favourite animals: giraffe

How long have you worked at the zoo? 7-8 years

What's the best thing about your job?
Being able to work with heaps of different animals every day

Share a funny filming moment from this year/past year:
Trying not to look petrified while I was diving with the sea lions

Where in the world would you most like to go - to see wildlife/incredible eco-systems?
The Galapagos Islands

Which animal you think most accurately represents you?

Who inspires you?
A lot of people out in the field carrying out research which in turn helps us with captive animals.  This will hopefully swing full circle where we can then put back into the wild

Do you have pets at home?
Dogs and cats

What is your favourite TV show?

If you could give any budding young zoo keepers any advice, what would it be?
You can do it... I did! 

What are you doing to help the planet? - combined with your best tip to help save the planet
Take your own bags to the supermarket so that you aren't using plastic ones.
Do not buy ANY animal products if you are travelling overseas.
I always buy sustainable fish too.



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