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Laurel Sandy

Laurel Sandy is an elephant keeper at Auckland Zoo where she has helped look after the zoo's two Asian elephants Kashin and Burma for the last five years. Despite losing Kashin last year, Laurel has been pleased to see Burma come through it okay. Laurel is passionate about wildlife and would like to do some travel to see incredible wildlife and ecosystems from around the world.

Name: Laurel Sandy

Age: 29

Where do you live? North Shore

Zoo position: Mainly elephants and sea lions keeper

Favourite animals: baboon and hippo (Snorkel)

How long have you worked at the zoo? 5 years

What's the most challenging aspect of your job?
Losing Kashin

What's been the best thing about your job this year?
Seeing Burma get through it okay

Share a funny filming moment from this year/past year:
Getting in the pool with Nat to dive with the sea lions

Where in the world would you most like to go - to see wildlife/incredible eco-systems?
Everywhere! Africa, South America, Asia

Who inspires you?
My animals and team

Do you have pets at home?
Dogs and a cat

If you could give any budding young zoo keepers any advice, what would it be?
Get as much experience as you can with animals and work hard!

What are you doing to help the planet? - combined with your best tip to help save the planet
Things like recycling at home, and of course helping to educate visitors to the zoo about caring for wildlife and ecosystems.



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