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Zabulu the Giraffe

Zabulu the Giraffe was just a shy one year old lad when he set off on a grueling 48 hour journey by boat from Christchurch to Auckland Zoo back in 1998.

Nervy and shy he also showed a resilience in his early years that set him apart as something special.

A rare Rothschild giraffe he was in huge demand for breeding but when he finally did become a dad was a huge surprise to everyone.

A sensitive personality, Zabulu also had to deal with trauma later on in life when one of his young baby's became seriously ill.

However he has coped with the hurdles that life has set before him, growing up to quietly dominate Pridelands with his regal presence.

In this episode of The Zoo-This is Your Life his keepers past and present combined with old footage from The Zoo series tell the delightful story of Zabulu from his first wild days at sea to his heady domination of Pridelands today and all his gripping adventures in-between.