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Join host Kiwi comedian Jarred Christmas as he reflects on the year 1996.

Making huge waves on the UK comedy circuit, kiwi comedian Jarred Christmas returns to the New Zealand stage to regale his audience with stories from his year that was - 1996.

Jarred chose 1996 as it was the year he turned 16, chose drama over economics and blew his first relationship thanks to a highly competitive game of monopoly.

It was also the year of Dolly the sheep, the Macarena craze and the end of Crowded House- well for a few years anyway.

He also bemoans the closure of Georgie Pie and Kiwi Air but applauds the end of French testing and the arrival of Michael J Fox in Lyttelton for the filming of Peter Jacksons The Frighteners.

He finishes up his hilarious trip down memory lane by reflecting on how his unusual name caused him grief and why the Michael Jackson concert in Auckland was so momentous.