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Create your ultimate survival team with a team name that puts fire in your bellies, and fear in what's left of the Walker's hearts.

More importantly, carefully choose your team of survivors. Will they be reliable allies? Will they kill the Walkers or will the Walkers get them?

Together you and your team must take down the hordes of Walkers that have invaded the web. They're dangerous and they're going to stalk you across the net. They look like this and the only way to kill them is to click your trigger, and let the bullets will do the rest.

For every Walker your team members take down be proud. You've rid the world of another Walker, and as a reward you get 100 points for your team.

The team with the most points by midnight on October 24th will take away the glory, and the "The Walking Dead Ultimate Fan Prize pack"
               $1000 cash for your team
               And a custom made Walker Survival Box for each member of your team

Good luck & God speed. They're coming for you

- You must remove ad blocker from your computer to play
- You must connect to Facebook to play
- This game uses cookies so please don't delete yours!
- This game finishes at 12am on October 24th
- Every legitimate Walker kill will reward your team with 100 points
- Every team member your recruit will accrue your team with 200 points
- The team with the most points at the end of the game wins
- You can choose up to 8 friends to be in your team

Read the terms and conditions of The Walking Dead game here.