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The Walking Dead


Andrew Lincoln plays Sheriff Rick Grimes

Andrew Lincoln plays Rick on The Walking Dead

Who's he? Andrew Lincoln plays Sheriff Rick Grimes.

What's Rick's back story? He is the leader of the group. Rick was shot in a bungled robbery and woke up in a deserted hospital after the zombie apocalypse. He went searching for and found his family but they thought Rick had died so his former cop partner and best friend Shane had stated dating his wife.

What to expect in season 2? As tension splinters the group, Rick takes it upon himself to keep the unit cohesive.  However Rick's tenuous control begins to slip as, with truths revealed, his relationships with his wife, Lori , and best friend, Shane, are put to the test.

Where have I seen Andrew Lincoln before? He was a trainee lawyer in the hit 1990s British show This Life and also was one of the ensemble cast of Love Actually.

Did you know? One of the flower girls at his wedding was Apple Martin, daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay's Chris Martin.