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Is Melinda on team Stefan or team Damon?

She played a man-eating vixen on TV2's hit show, The O.C. and a dominatrix on  CSI, now actress Melinda Clarke is stirring the pot on The Vampire Diaries.

Only time will tell if Clarke's role is anything like The O.C.'s Julie Cooper, who shagged her daughter's boyfriend, sabotaged her husband's business and married her best mate's dad over the course of four tumultuous seasons. But with that resume, we certainly have high expectations for Clarke's debut on The Vampire Diaries.

Clarke plays Matt's long-lost mother, Kelly, and word has it she's not exactly competing for Mum of the Year.

"We don't really know why Kelly is such a bad mother, why she does what she does, like drinking, and where she's been," Clare told "They definitely didn't explain that so that leaves a lot to be explored in the future if she comes back."

The role gave Clarke a chance to meet The Vampire Diaries' spunky stars, including Paul Wesley, who guest-starred on The O.C.

"He's good friends with Ben McKenzie [Ryan Atwood]. We said hello and I definitely remembered him, even though we never actually met."

After spending time with the boys, is Clarke on team Damon or team Stefan?

"It was fun to work with Ian [Somerhalder] because there's a looseness to him, to his character. He definitely brings a lot to the character. It's not just lines on the page."



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