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The Sopranos

S5 Episode 9: Unidentified Black Males

Screened Monday August 2nd

Tony B and Tony S sit in the garden watching baseball and talking. Tony B is limping, and Tony S enquires as to why.

Tony B says that two black guys jumped him outside a bar. Us viewers know the real reason behind his foot injury - a car ran over it when he whacked Johnny Sack's associate Joey Peeps for Little Carmine behind Tony's back last episode.

Later that night, Tony S dines at a restaurant with AJ, Meadow and Meadow's boyfriend Finn. They discuss Finn and Meadow's Summer plans - he hopes to stay in the city, if he can find work.

Finn excuses himself takes care of the bill. This angers Tony who insists on giving Finn money, and angrily states that "you eat, I pay"! Tony later apologises for biting Finn's head off, and Finn says he didn't mean to overstep.

At Carmella's house, she is talking to a friend about her having slept with Tony after her father's party (in the last episode). Tony sent her flowers, but she hasn't seen him since. It is clear she is stoked it happened. Her friend asks if she thinks them sleeping together is an indication on Tony's part that he wants to get back together. "I don't know, maybe," is Carmella's response.

Then they here Tony pulling up to drop AJ off, and Carmella's friend excuses herself so Carmella and Tony can talk, but he just drops AJ off, waves, and drives away. Carmella is clearly a bit hurt, but pretends to her friend that she is glad he didn't come in.

Tony is playing golf with Johnny Sack. Johnny talks about Joey Peeps - he is incensed about the whacking, and states he knows Little Carmine was behind it. Tony does his best to stay out of it. Johnny Sack says his cop informant said a homeless person saw a man limping away. The connection clicks in Tony's mind re: Tony B, but he doesn't say anything. Tony then has a minor episode and collapses.

Little Carmine addresses his friends about all-out conflict - it's a non-desirable option, but many good things have come out of conflict says Little Carmine. According to an associate, the old rules don't apply anymore. Angelo wants to have a sit down - Little Carmine says this isn't the UN, and prefers taking what's there's by force.

Finn and Meadow talk about their Summer plans while struggling to endure the heat in their apartment. Finn's employment prospects are poor, and he doesn't want to go back home to live with his folks. They then consider both going west, so Finn can work.

Carmella gets a call back from a lawyer who informs her that he can't represent her in her divorce because he consulted with Tony. Carmella eventually realises that Tony has consulted with all the top local lawyers to prevent Carmella from being able to use them. The bastard.

Silvio discusses the Joey Peeps hit with the boys in the backroom of the Bing. As Joey Peeps mother is a poor widow, he suggests they pay for the headstone. Johnny Sack is paying for the funeral service.

Tony S enters and asks to talk to Tony B outside. He accuses him of making the hit on Joey Peeps. Saying how he's bending over backwards trying to stay neutral, but this kind of action would compromise that heavily. Tony B continues to deny the action.

Tony S says he had high hopes for Tony B when he got out of prison - he's got brains and balls. He then tells Tony B he can run a local illegal casino whose current manager has just been diagnosed with cancer. Tony B is stoked - it's a big money spinner.

Tony S talks about Tony B with Dr. Melfi. He then tells her that he and Carmella slept together. He talks of it fondly, and says she was starved for it. Then he says he left before she woke up, because he didn't want to send mixed signals.

Carmella meets with a divorce lawyer and explains about Tony's "unreported" income - all legal of course. The lawyer talks of a "forensic accountant" who can sort through it all.

Meadow arrives home to tell Finn that Tony has organised a job in construction for him in New Jersey. A job with a suspiciously high payrate.

At the construction site, Finn does odd jobs while other mobsters sit around talking - they all have "fake" jobs. Finn chimes in on a baseball conversation with rotund mobster Vito.

Paulie pulls up and tells Finn to wash the doggy doo off his tyres. When Finn says he supposed to be doing something else, Paulie threatens him with violence. The other guys inform Paulie that Finn is Meadow's boyfriend, and Paulie freaks and quickly stops Finn from doing his dirty work and gives him some money. Finn is perplexed.

Tony meets for dinner with Carmella at Vesuvio. She informs him of her moving forward with the divorce. Tony doesn't like it and makes petulant accusations. They argue, then he leaves, but not before telling her everything they have is because of his sweat. He says she's entitled to shit.

At the construction site, Finn talks with the pretty site secretary Felicia  She asks him if he and Meadow will get married. Vito comes over and jocularly discusses baseball with Finn.

Meadow shops with Carmella at a boutique. Carmella tells Meadow she is moving ahead with the divorce.

Back at the construction site, the guys hang out in the sun. Phil Leotardo turns up with his brother Bill, who is there to collect toners. Some of the guys start talking about chicks, and it unexpectedly turns violent when one of the guys insinuates another is gay - he latter pummels a broken bottle into the former. Finn is shocked by the violence and almost pukes, but the other guys take it all very casually, laughing.

When someone expresses concerns about civilian witness, Vito invents "two black guys leaving the scene" who were behind the incident.

Finn discusses the incident with Meadow, who says the guy involved is "sweet".  When Finn brings up Jackie Jr.s death, Meadow says he was killed by "African American drug dealers". (It was really Vito who whacked Jackie Jr.) Meadow justifies her father's associates by saying they bring in certain modes of conflict resolution from the old country.

At Joey Peeps funeral, Tony observes that the headstone reads "Peeps" when Joey's family name was actually Peperalli. Silvio says he'll take care of it, blaming the mess-up on Jason.

Johnny Sack and Little Carmine exchange terse glances at the funeral. Tony tries to talk to Johnny Sack, who informs him that a friend saw Tony B in the area the night of Joey Peeps murder. He is very angry, calling Tony S a "two-faced f**k".

They go into Johnny Sack's car and have a heated conversation in which Tony defends his cousin against Johnny's accusations. Tony lies to Johnny Sack that Tony B was with him that night. Johnny says if he finds out Tony is lying (which he is), then&

At the construction site, Finn is hesitant to talk to the guys, he admits to them he doesn't wanna say the wrong thing after the other day, which they find funny. He then says he has to get back to work, but Vito says he talked to the boss and he can take a load off and have a donut with them.

Christopher moans to Adrianna about Tony S giving the casino to Tony B. Adrianna calls her FBI contact, no doubt to talk about Tony B.

Finn hangs with Meadow and some friends at a beach bonfire in the middle of the night in Jersey. It is the early hours, and Finn decides he'd be better off catching a couple of hours sleep at the construction site rather than go back to the apartment.

Arriving at the construction site at the crack of dawn, he is shocked to see Vito giving oral sex to a security guard in a car. He quickly averts his eyes and rushes off.

Later that day, Finn exits a portaloo and Vito is waiting for him.  They have an awkward exchange in which Vito says some weird things. Then he says he has tickets for the pair of them to see a baseball game that night. Finn tries to back out of the game, but Vito tells him: "You're f**king going!"

At his apartment, Finn tells Meadow he isn't going to meet Vito, and tells her what happened. Meadow is disbelieving, saying Vito is married. Finn says he's not going back to the site. Meadow replies her father pulled strings to get him the job.

It spills over into a prolonged argument about their future, together or otherwise.

Vito waits for Finn at the ball park, then goes in alone.

Finn and Meadow continue to argue over their future in the middle of the night. Then Finn suggests they just get married.

Carmella hears from her lawyer - his forensic accountant has backed out of the case because of who Tony is, and he is rescinding also. Carmella is at wits end.

Tony tells Carmella is incredibly depressed. She makes a connection that his last few pass-outs have been related to his cousin. Tony explains to her how he was not there the night Tony B got busted for the hijack and got sent away. He says it was because a bunch of "mulignans" (black men) had jumped him for his shoes and cut his head open.

Tony begins to breathe deeply and almost have an attack. Tony then admits that the real reason he wasn't at the hijack was because he had a panic attack, because of an argument he had with his mother. "Black guys my ass" he says.

He had fought with Livia and then left and fainted and cut his head - that's why he missed the job. He's lied about it all these years.

Tony concludes he is a robot to his own emotions. And concludes what happens in the psychiatrists office is "like taking a sh*t". Dr. Melfi says she prefers to think of it as childbirth. Tony reiterates his initial observation.

Carmella arrives home to observe Tony cooling off in the family pool. Then Meadow and Finn ring to tell her they are engaged. Carmella cries.