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The Sopranos

S5 Episode 6: Sentimental Education

Screened Monday July 6th

Tony Blundetto is working his laundry job when his truck is laundry stolen. He returns to base and receives a telling off from his Korean boss Mr. Kim, who reminds him that he knows he is a professional criminal, and that he's only hired him because he needs Tony Soprano for the union.

At Tony S' house, he and AJ get into an argument over breakfast food. When AJ talks back about Tony's drinking, Tony gets physical and holds him against a wall.

Carmella tries on outfits for her meeting with AJ's guidance counsellor Dr. Wegler, she settles for a bust-revealing one. At the meeting Dr. Wegler voices his concerns over a "suspiciously cogent" essay AJ wrote. Carmella says its typical that AJ (being Tony's son) he would be suspected of cheating.

Dr. Wegler turns the discussion to the book he lent Carmella, and then asks her out to dinner. She warns her about Tony, but Dr. Wegler says he isn't afraid.

At the Sunday dinner, Tony B studies for his massage licence exam.

Dining with Father Phil, Carmella talks about going on a date with Dr. Wegler. Father Phil discourages her strongly, citing her marriage vows.

At his work, Tony B talks with Mr Kim about his massage licence exam. Mr. Kim says he's been impressed by Tony B's work ethic and offers to front the money for a storefront massage business, which Kim's daughter will also work at. Tony is blown away by the offer, and leaves excited.

At the Sopranos household, Tony, AJ and Carmella discuss AJ moving back there. They resolve that he will - but he has to smarten his act up, particularly with school work. Later when they are alone, Tony tells Carmella he thinks AJ's time with him whipped him into shape a little.

At the Bing, Vito tests Tony B on his exam notes. Paulie and Chris come in and chime in. Tony B tells the guy about Kim business offer, and how he respects Kim. He compares being an immigrant to being in prison.

Carmella sits in Dr. Wegler's car after their date - they talk, Carmella admits she is nervous, and doesn't know dating protocol. They kiss. Carmella tells him she hasn't been with anyone except Tony. They retreat to his house and make love.

Later, in bed, they discuss literature. Afterward, Carmella sneaks back into her house, avoiding AJ's attention.

Tony B sits his licence exam, and passes. His girlfriend congratulates him and he is elated.

Carmella goes to confession and tells Father Phil she slept with Dr. Wegler. She admits to being confused, but also says she has been walking around on a cloud. She cites the book her and Dr. Wegler discussed. Father Phil again tells her to remember her vows, and assigns her to do something nice for Tony for penance.

Tony B shows Tony S around the space he will use for his massage business. Tony B details his plans for the place and tells Tony S he knows he is disappointed he went straight. Amanda, Kim's curvaceous daughter, arrives and Tony B introduces Tony S and Chris, who has also just arrived.

Carmella talks about Dr. Wegler with Rosalie Aprile. AJ arrives and complains about Dr. Wegler's attentiveness at school.

Tony B is walking down the street at night with his girlfriend when car screeches past and throws a plastic bag out the window.  They pick it up - it's filled with cash. He resolves to buy his girlfriend a ring.

Tony B celebrates is find at the Bing with the guys.

Carmella dines with Dr. Wegler again, blissful.

Later at the home, Tony walks in on Carmella in the kitchen returning a paper of AJ's, which indicates he is cheating. Dr. Wegler calls and talks lovey dovey to Carmella. Tony calls Dr. Wegler a faggot. Tony then strips down and goes for a swim.

Tony B continues celebrating at a casino with the guys.

Carmella and Dr. Wegler are kissing on the bed. Carmella stops and says she is concerned about AJ's studies, and that he might be cheating. Carmella says Mr Fisk is too hard on AJ. Just as they are about to get down to it, Carmella stops in and leaves saying she is too upset about AJ. Dr. Wegler is dumbfounded.

Tony B arrives at work after a hard night with the boys.

At school Dr. Wegler talks to Mr Fisk about AJ, and requests that Mr Fisk gives AJ a passing grade - Mr Fisk agrees, but doesn't like it.

At night, Tony B works at getting the massage therapy property together with his twin sons.

Carmella arrives at Dr. Wegler's house and the pair go at it again. Carmella discusses AJ's college future and asks Dr. Wegler if he can recommend him to a particular school. Dr. Wegler tries to change the subject, but Carmella keeps bringing it back to AJ.

Dr. Wegler then says that maybe they should take a time out - he mentions he is racked with guilt over muscling Mr Fisk. He accuses Carmella of using him - the other night when she denied him at the last minute because of concern over AJ, then was very giving when he sorted it. He says she strong-armed him using the only weapon she has.

They argue, she leaves, telling him he better watch his step.
Tony B plays poker late in the night - he has blown all the money he spent. He leaves to go to work, where he is visibly restless.

Later, working at the massage place, he gets really irritable when his girlfriend informs him by phone that some tables have been delivered to their home instead of at the store. Then they argue.

Then Mr Kim turns up and discusses progress - they open in three days. It's all too much for Tony B and he slugs Mr Kim. He proceeds to pummel Mr Kim and they fight violently. Both are  injured badly.

At her home Carmella talks to her father about Dr. Wegler, without going into specifics. She says how no matter what, because of her marriage to Tony, her motives will always be called into question. Her father fails to offer any advice.

Tony B meets with Tony S at Vesuvios and asks to be let in on one of his criminal enterprises, his "straight" business venture having been thoroughly thwarted by his own actions.