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The Market

Alina Transom

In casting Alina Transom as Julia Lima, the producer of The Market was taking an opportunity to turn an extremely talented unknown actress into a star. Alina has no formal training as an actor and has very little on-screen experience. Before taking on the role as 'Julia', Alina was working in the coffee cart at TVNZ.

Alina was hired by Isola Productions over a year ago for the pilot episode of The Market.  She was given a small role with Taungaroa Emile and immediately made an impression on the casting directors.

plays Julia Lima

A modern-day South-Pacific Princess, Julia has spent the last five years in Samoa blissfully unaware of her family's troubles.

She has arrived in South Auckland armed with a strong spirit, above-average intelligence and stunning good-looks.

Julia immediately catches the attention of Tipene Johnson on her first trip to the markets.