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Innovation Stories: Dynamic Controls

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Dynamic Controls

The mobility market had been complaining for years that wheelchairs needed to get out of the 80s and into the internet era. Mobility is as much an emotional need as a physical one. Christchurch-based company Dynamic Controls knows this, and the company focuses research and development on solutions that enhance quality of life for wheelchair users.

With the introduction of the iPortal TM , Dynamic Controls has brought wheelchairs into the 21st century.

The iPortal TM is the first mobility solution that links wheelchairs with devices such as iPhones and iPads. The easy swipes and clicks of an iPhone or iPad are now accessible to wheelchair users by mounting an iPortal" on their wheelchair. With the iPortal TM, wheelchair information can be displayed in real time, similar to a car dashboard. The user has all their usual iPhone facilities on hand with the flexible mounting arm and cradle. They can surf the internet, make phone calls, take photos and more. This can be done either directly with their device or, if their mobility is more limited, by using the wheelchair's joystick or head controls. The iPortal TM also has a diagnostic feature that allows the user to instantly detect any problems with the chair.

This is only the start of a revolution in wheelchair technology. Thanks to funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Dynamic Controls is working on new systems for improving the comfort and health of wheelchair users.

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