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Series 2, Episode 8 Spacewalker 18 Dec 14 00:40:45

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The Inspectors


The Inspectors

The Inspectors

About the show

Back for its fourth series, 'The Inspectors' follows the council's specialist squads: New Zealand's toughest Inspectors on the front line of filth, pollution and illegal operation - they are the unsung heroes from councils across the country, working tirelessly to preserve public health.

It's their mission to keep us safe as they strive to protect us and our environment; controlling those who inflict damage upon it, and preventing the spread of lethal contaminants, deadly disease, dangerous pests and unlawful activity.

In this new and improved compelling 10 episode 1/2 hour series, we follow inspectors from various departments as they go about their day to day business - each investigation with its own challenges, conflicts, surprises, and all in a bid to make our world a safer place.

From Environmental Protection to Liquor Licensing & Noise Control, key characters take us on their journey as they seek to find a resolution to their investigations.

There's never a dull moment on the job - we capture the frustrations, the confrontation and the victories of our inspectors, who take us everywhere; from rat infested restaurants, to maggot ridden homes, out-of-control bars, contaminated creeks, and even through city sewers - all for the sake of protecting public health!

In this new series of 'The Inspectors', the boundaries are pushed like never before, as 'fly-on-the-wall observational documentary moves to greater heights!

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