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Writers' blog - Episode 4

Something we wanted to achieve in the initial episodes was to have the audience find out stuff, discover small pieces of the bigger mystery, at around the same pace as The Liberators. We didn't want you to be all that far ahead of The Liberators in terms of what they know about what's really happening in Two Gardens.

After the first three episodes I think you know that something sinister is probably happening in Two Gardens, that Cynthia Ross possibly has something to do with it, and that Jenni and Nathan are involved somehow, but - if we've done our jobs right - that's probably about it.

Of course, there are times when you know a little more than The Liberators, because you're able to go inside Two Gardens and The Liberators can't. But, there comes a point the series - I can't tell you when because that would defuse the bomb - when this all changes and you start to know much more than The Liberators. It becomes clearer to you what's going on in Two Gardens.

Then, because you're way ahead of The Liberators in terms of what you know, you start to really get on their side and want them to succeed in rescuing their loved ones. Because if they fail to get Ryan and the others out, then... well, I probably shouldn't tell you that.

What I can tell you is that Edward has a masterplan which is bold and jaw-dropping. The great thing about his plan is that, in many ways, it actually makes a lot of sense. His philosophy comes from a place of love and caring and wanting the world to be a better place. Because, don't forget, Edward isn't an evil mastermind fixated on world domination or self-aggrandisement. He genuinely wants the best for his followers and believes he has the key to making us all happier and more loving. 

So, how does all this relate to episode 4? Well, it's the episode where you start to pull away from The Liberators in terms of knowledge and get some solid clues that there's a much bigger, possibly sinister, mystery at play... 

1. The Liberators get their first indication - from Sophie - that the envelopes (sent to Michael, Frances and Gina) may not have been sent by Ryan, Jenni and Andy. Sophie says that it's practically impossible for anyone in Two Gardens to get a message to the outside world without Edward knowing about it, so why would Edward let them send these apparent "SOS" envelopes? Which means, if Ryan, Jenni and Andy didn't send the envelopes, then who did? And, more importantly, why?

2. In his flashback story, Saul has a near death experience. Later, Edward (who Saul doesn't know at this point) finds Saul in a church and asks him "What was it like for you? To be dead?" Interesting question, right? But, how did Edward find Saul? How did he know Saul had died and come back to life? And why is he so interested in Saul's near death experience? There's also a very, very subtle implication when Edward says "What was it like for you?" that Saul's not the only one who's had a near death experience. So, who else has and why is it important? 

3. Cynthia and Edward have a brief meeting in which Edward asks Cynthia "Everything coming along as planned?" Cynthia says it is and Edward says "So then it won't be much longer". This is a good example of us now starting to know more than The Liberators. Cynthia and Edward are clearly in cahoots over something. We now know it, but The Liberators are yet to find it out.

4. Nathan tells The Liberators about a place called The White Room. He says it's where Jenni died. Of course, we know that Jenni's not dead because we last saw her sitting in a bathtub in hermit Keith's hut. She was alive, but wasn't saying anything and something freaky had happened to her left eye. But Nathan clearly saw something in The White Room that terrified him and made him believe that Jenni was dead. So, what did Nathan see? And what do Cynthia and Edward have to do with it?

I think those are all the clues. Oh, there's also Daniel at the start of the episode. You know, when Saul finds him in the bush after the car crash and says "Hello, Daniel". Seems that Daniel sent up the flare as a signal to Saul. What!? You want me to tell what that's all about? Nah, course you don't. Because who doesn't love a great surprise?                    


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