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The Cult


Episode Four

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In this episode, we follow Saul, Edward's right hand man, the strength and backbone of Two Gardens as he tries to get to the Liberators so he can get Nathan back. Using the information he can find from Rick's workshop, Saul makes his way to The Glen but an altercation with Frances knocks him off course. It seems Saul had a relationship with Jenni; Frances and Harris's daughter and he tells Frances that Jenni is no longer in the compound.

When Nathan tells Michael that the person that was holding him was listening into their conversations in the Glen, the Liberators decide to send a message to the listener using the bug they found. They say that they want to meet. But it's a trap for the listener and the Liberators take her hostage. She's Sophie - a deprogrammer who has been hired by the family to snatch and deprogramme someone from Two Gardens. The Liberators aren't sure if they can trust her but she seems to be on their side& for now. Sophie does mention that Nathan told her about something called the White Room when he was with her. When they ask Nathan about the White Room, he tells them that it's the place Jenni died.


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