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Jesse Brinkley

Jesse Brinkley
Age: 28
RECORD: W 23, L 1, Draw 0, KO 16
Yerington, NV
Occupation: Boxer
Girlfriend: Colleen Ritter; Kids: Steyr and Denaya

Jesse is a loud and lovable country boy. He is the class clown - all about fun, all the time. He has an abundance of energy and a great sense of humor, even about himself.

Jesse loves to have an audience laughing at his jokes. He learned how to fight from Rocky movies and with a heavy bag his stepfather hung in his garage. He soon developed a tough-guy reputation and quickly began knocking out all the kids in small-town Yerington.

His amateur career was very brief, as he hated fighting with headgear, disliked the amateur point-scoring system, and just wanted the chance to knock guys

Jesse's dream is to fight DeLaHoya, but if that doesn't happen he would be just as happy living out in the desert, hunting, fishing, and drinking beer for the rest of his life.

We'll see how this country boy fares in the big city. Jesse lives with his long-term girlfriend, Colleen, and their two children.