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Ep 7: 'Stacey, you're fired'

With last week's firing behind them, the two teams sat down to dinner together - and then the phone rang. It was Mr. Trump's office and he wanted to see everyone back downstairs, immediately.

Once the teams arrived, Trump instructed them to name their Project Managers right then and there; the two teams had just seconds to confer and reach a decision. Jennifer M. became Project Manager of Apex while Wes led Mosaic. Then Trump threw the big curve ball and announced that there would be a "corporate restructuring." He said that each Project Manager would have to pick three people to trade away to the other team. Jennifer M. gave up Sandy, Maria and Stacy R. while Wes let go Raj, Chris and Kevin. That meant the new Apex was Jennifer M., Ivana, Elizabeth, Raj, Chris and Kevin. The new Mosaic became Wes, Andy, Kelly, Sandy, Maria and Stacy R.

The next day, the two teams met with Trump in Central Park, where they learned that for their next task they would have to create a dog service business - any business related to dogs. The team with the most profits would be the winner. The losing team would be back in the boardroom where another candidate would be fired. For this task, Carolyn and Trump's Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg, would observe.

Jennifer M., Apex's Project Manager, decided to keep things simple and offer a dog washing service. Half of the team would wash the dogs while the other half tried to drum up business by letting the dog owners know about their "doggie makeovers." However, Raj didn't think things were going so well. He said that half of the dogs didn't want to be washed and the owners of the other half didn't have any cash on them. Raj was frustrated and suggested splitting up the team to create another dog washing location to increase sales. But Jennifer M. shot that idea down. She thought it was important to keep half of the team members on promoting the single dog washing location. Raj predicted that this strategy would lead the team down the "path to defeat and doom."

Wes, Mosaic's Project Manager, decided that the team should donate part of their proceeds to charity; he felt that dog owners were generous people and would be more likely to get their dogs washed if some of the money would go to help a worthy cause. But after spending hours on the phone to get the New York City Fire Department on board, the team was told they could not use them as their charitable organization partner. Even after the setback, Wes still felt that partnering with a charity would be a good strategy, so he asked Andy to find another one. Andy used one of the team's two cell phones to call around - and he finally found a cat shelter, Kitty Kind, to partner with. But when Andy and Kelly met up with Maria, they realized that Andy had left the cell phone in a cab that was long gone. Kelly called this a "critical mistake" and said that losing one of the team's cell phones would severely limit what the team could do. For example, he said that the team could no longer split into two groups that could communicate. Kelly wondered what kind of effect this one error would have on the team's bottom line.

Mosaic set up a doggie makeover station near a dog run to wash dogs. However, Kelly felt that they had gotten a late start on the day and missed some revenue opportunity. Stacy R. and Wes went out to promote, but felt they weren't getting many customers. Stacy R. suggested dressing people's dogs up in costumes and taking their picture with the team's instant camera. Wes said that the idea didn't make any sense from a cost recovery standpoint. Stacy R. thought that the team needed to invest money to make money. Wes said the doggie outfits were too expensive and so he killed the idea.

The next day, all of the candidates arrived at the boardroom to hear the results of the task. Carolyn announced that while Mosaic had a late start, the team did "okay" and pulled in a profit of $122.12. Allen said that Apex was well diversified - both in terms of location and services - and earned a profit of $307.41. As the winning team, Apex would get to meet with Michael Bloomberg, the current Mayor of New York City.

That night, Mosaic assembled in the boardroom. Maria, who was exempt from being fired, said that the problem boiled down to leadership. Kelly said there was a problem with slow decisions from Wes that cost the team some precious time. Sandy said that the team didn't get enough traffic and Trump suggested that the problem was their location. Wes said he thought about splitting the team up and trying another location but that he couldn't because Andy had lost a team cell phone and there would have been no way to communicate with the two separate groups. Trump turned to Andy and said that he'd been sticking up for him but that Andy had "sorta been a disaster." Andy disagreed, saying that on this task, he closed more deals than anyone. Andy also said that he landed the charity the team worked with, which led to at least 75% of their dog washes. But Trump was unimpressed with the cat charity, Kitty Kind. He thought it wasn't a good fit because the team was trying to sell to dog owners. Kelly said that he'd rather work with Wes than Andy because he can count on Wes. Stacy said that she would fire Andy. Andy said he would fire Wes. Finally, Wes chose to bring Andy and Stacy R. back into the boardroom to face the firing with him.

With just his advisors, Trump asked for input. Carolyn didn't have kind words for anyone. She said Stacy R. didn't produce; Andy was all over the place and Wes was somewhat of a poor leader. Allen thought that Andy losing the cell phone was a big mistake and he said that Stacy R. didn't really produce. Wes, Andy and Stacy R. returned to the boardroom where Wes said that Stacy R. wasted time with a bad idea. Carolyn questioned what Stacy R. contributed to the team. Trump said that Wes did a lousy job as a Project Manager and that Andy made a terrible mistake by destroying the team's ability to communicate. But Trump said he was tired of Stacy R. complaining. He was tired of her never taking responsibility for anything. He also said that she couldn't sell her idea to Wes. He said that you can't blame the Project Manager when you're unsuccessful in getting your point across. And with that, Trump said, "Stacy, you're fired."