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Ep 4: 'Jennifer C., you're fired'

After the nasty expulsion of Stacie J., the candidates learned about their next task. Each team would be given a chef and an empty restaurant property - and would have to open for dinner the next night. Teams would be judged based on their review from Zagat - the world's leading provider of consumer survey-based dining information.

The candidates also met Bill Rancic, last year's Apprentice, who was now taking his turn on the other side of the boardroom table. He would observe the candidates and weigh in at the boardroom along with Carolyn.

Apex randomly selected Jennifer C. to be their Project Manager. After a brainstorming session, Jennifer C. said that Stacy R. " one of the most irritating people I have maybe ever met in thirty-one years of my existence on this planet." Raj was randomly selected to be Mosaic's Project Manager. Chris, who said he had worked his "whole life" in restaurants, led his team in a training session on how to deal with the diners. While he also admitted he "hates" the public, Raj said he had faith that Chris would swallow his disgust and "make nice" with the diners.

Mosaic spent the day at their restaurant and hired cleaners to get the place into shape. Apex, on the other hand, decided to clean their property themselves. So at 4am, the women were scrubbing and mopping. Ivana worried about the women's ability to run a restaurant on just one and a half hours of sleep. Ivana said of Jennifer C., "I think if we pull it off, it's not going to be because of her leadership skills. I can tell you that much right now." Back at the suite, the members of Mosaic slept soundly.

Elizabeth was in charge of Apex's marketing - getting diners to come and eat so that they could fill out the Zagat surveys. But Elizabeth felt she didn't have enough resources and started to cry under pressure.

Since décor was one of the three categories the restaurants would be rated on, it was an important consideration for both teams. At Mosaic's restaurant, John painted a few original works of art for the walls, while at Apex's restaurant, Sandy was in charge of the décor and proudly proclaimed that it "came out ten times better than anyone expected."

That night, both restaurants opened for business. At Apex's restaurant, Jennifer C. made the rounds, talking with diners. She stopped and chatted with two women who did not like the décor, calling it "a little stark." At Mosaic's restaurant, Chris had a finicky table of his own - four gay men who had complaints about the food. In response, Chris sent John to the table because he was "the best looking" male team member.

The next day in the boardroom, the two teams gathered in front of Donald, Carolyn and Bill. According to their Zagat review, based on customer feedback, Apex had good food, but a "stark" décor with "uncomfortable" chairs and tables. In addition, the service was "slow" and "uneasy." Zagat called Mosaic's restaurant "enjoyable" and "stylish" where the "waiters are clearly anxious to please." Mosaic's overall score was highest so they got to meet with Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City. For their failure, Apex would return to the boardroom where someone would be fired.

While Mosaic met with the former mayor and his wife, Apex stewed in the suite. Jennifer C. said that the reviews for their restaurant were ruined by two diners: "It was those two old Jewish bat ladies."

Stacy R. overheard this and in an interview said, "I'm Jewish and I'd like to understand Jen C's motives behind saying this." Jennifer C. then overheard Stacy R. talking about this issue with the other candidates. Jennifer C. accused Stacy R. of "contaminating" their living quarters by talking about the issue with everyone. In an interview, Stacy R. warned, "If Jen C. wants to bring me in the boardroom, she better be prepared for what she's gonna deal with."

When the women of Apex returned to the boardroom, Ivana said that the lack of leadership from Jennifer C. resulted in the team not getting enough sleep and not performing as well as they should have. Ivana, Stacy R. and Jennifer started talking over each other, and Carolyn said seeing the women unable to work together in and out of the boardroom made her "embarrassed to be a businesswoman."

Jennifer C. decided to bring Elizabeth and Stacy R. into the boardroom and Carolyn felt the decision was made for personal reasons. Trump turned to Jennifer C. and told her that she chose not to lead and that her entire team hated her. He added that when she did have the chance to bring in Sandy, a person who actually "messed up," she didn't. "Jennifer, this is really easy," said trump. "You're fired."