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Ep 10: 'Adam, you're fired'

Viewers were brought up to speed on previous episodes with never-before-seen footage and undisclosed relationships between the candidates - Brian had a crush on Jennifer M.!

As the second hour began, Felisha rocked out on the couch to her team's winning song while she, Adam, and Alla waited to see who was spared the force of Trump's "fire." Alla hoped that Clay would be coming back, since he made her breakfast everyday. Alas, she didn't get her wish when Rebecca and Randal walked through the door.

In a private moment, Rebecca tried to mend fences with Randal for telling Trump in the boardroom that Randal hadn't been up to par on the last task. Randal knew he had to step up to get over this "misrepresentation."

The teams met with Trump, Carolyn, and Bill at Trump Bar inside Trump Tower. The bar has been a big success, he explained, because of the "Trump" name, which is a powerful brand. This week's task was also about branding. Country-music singer Shania Twain was about to begin selling a new fragrance through Coty perfumes called "Shania by Stetson."

Each team was to use the technique of "wrapping," an adhesive plastic with a marketing message that can be wrapped around various objects, to get consumers to call an 800 number to order a free sample. The team that received the most phone calls would win.

Randal and Rebecca, the two remaining members of Excel Corporation, decided to hire a "temp army" of 30 workers to carry wrapped billboards around the entire city.

Alla, project manager for Capital Edge, got her team together to brainstorm their own "wrapping" ideas. They decided to wrap horse-drawn carriages in New York parks and to hire additional people to help advertise the product on foot. Felisha was asked to hire these people, but she felt that it was impossible because Adam already spent the bulk of their budget on renting carriages.

Randal wanted to buy as many megaphones as possible to help spread the word about Shania's perfume, but after making numerous calls, he couldn't find any place that sold them. Finally, someone at a Radio Shack told him that another man arranged for the chain to collect all the megaphones they had at various locations and bring them to a single store.

Realizing that this mystery man was Adam from Capital Edge, Rebecca and Randal decided to head them off and buy the megaphones before their competition could. It was "operation sabotage" as Rebecca hopped into the Radio Shack where all the megaphones were waiting, and Randal stood guard outside to keep an eye out for Alla and the others.

Capital Edge was having a hard time finding the Radio Shack where their megaphones were being held. When they finally got close, Alla called the store to make sure they were still there and was told that a woman in crutches just bought them all. Capital Edge was furious to be foiled by Excel.

At the carriage garage, Capital Edge met their temporary workers for the first time. Alla was distraught that their hired crew wasn't exactly the "clean-cut" types she had hoped for. Worse, half of them didn't speak English and they had to coach them how to say "Shania."

Capital Edge's problems continued when they tried to wrap their rented coaches and carriages. The wrapping material was designed to be applied to flat surfaces and the coaches were anything but. The team had to bend, twist, and even cut to get the wrap affixed.

Randal and Rebecca mobilized their own army of temporary workers. Rebecca was pleased with the wide variety of people that they hired; she felt they would have broad appeal to fellow New Yorkers.

Excel used this diversity to their advantage by sending Spanish-speaking temps to Spanish-speaking neighborhoods. They made the best use of everyone they had available, picking a man with a lot of charisma to ride in the van and shout out their message to people on the street.

Capital Edge wasn't quite so organized. Without megaphones, and with workers who didn't understand sales, they had a hard time drumming up enthusiasm for the new perfume. They were even loaning their personal cell phones so people could call the 800 number on the spot.

In the boardroom, Carolyn told Trump that she felt Excel did pretty well, getting 978 calls. Bill then explained Capital Edge's horse-and-carriage strategy, which earned them a total of 973 calls - only five short of Excel!

For their reward, Randal and Rebecca spent an afternoon horseback riding with Shania Twain. After their ride, the three of them enjoyed an evening of conversation at Oceana where they dined in the exclusive wine cellar.

Trump wanted to know how Capital Edge could lose when they had more people than Excel - not to mention that Rebecca also had a broken ankle. Alla explained that they couldn't hire more people because of Adam's idea to spend their money on wrapping carriages. She also explained the megaphone situation, but this backfired when both Trump and Bill commended Capital Edge for their initiative.

Trump asked Felisha what she contributed to the task, and Felisha explained that she hired all the temps. When asked whom she would fire, Felisha replied "Adam" because of his focus on the carriages, which didn't bring in the sales. Alla agreed that Adam was the weakest link, but Trump cut her off and sent her back to the suite since she was clearly not the reason they lost.

Trump asked Carolyn and Bill who they would fire. Carolyn said "Felisha" and Bill said "Adam," because he hadn't stepped up. Adam defended his performance in previous tasks and the creative ideas that he had originated. When Felisha was asked why she shouldn't be fired, she attacked Adam's inexperience and said she was unable to hire enough people because Alla and Adam spent the bulk of their money on the carriages.

The Donald had heard enough. He felt that Felisha did a terrible job negotiating for the temps, but that Adam made the bigger mistake by spending too much money on carriages that looked horrible and were ineffective. "Therefore," Trump said, "'re fired!"