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Terry tells it like it is: Week 12

It was a very tough decision this week to narrow three down to two, but in the end I had to let Catherine go.

I had a nagging feeling that she wasn't fully committed to taking this job. I think Catherine came into The Apprentice just treating it as game to win, and not as a proper job interview.

I doubted her commitment to the task and to the role that I'm looking to fill, and there was a little bit of a devious side to her that left me feeling a little bit concerned.

It was a really difficult decision, however. Catherine has an awful lot of really good qualities - she's a very strong and very forthright young woman, who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

So, it was tough, because getting down to those last few candidates, they're all really talented people, and it has got harder and harder each time a firing has come around.

My criteria for deciding the final two contestants came down to who I could see fitting in to my company the best.

It was clear with Tom and Dave that these two guys could really tackle an important role within my company.

That became the ultimate rationale; who would fit into my environment, who would do the job properly and who is most committed to doing that job?

Going into the final, I think they're pretty even, however Tom may have a slight advantage. He seems to be the popular choice - he's popular among his fellow contestants and has been all the way through.

Dave has got himself offside with a lot of contestants, but what I do like about him is his ability to speak his mind.

Tom's a very steady guy and would be a great asset, as would Dave, but they're two very different characters. It's going to be a very difficult decision.


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