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Terry tells it like it is: Week 11

We were down to the final four this week, and Dave and Karen lost the challenge to teach a group of elderly to use select pieces new technology, such as mobile phones and Skype, so they were in the boardroom facing being fired. It was a hard choice between the two, but I fired Karen in the end.

Dave can certainly talk the talk, and I think that he has a little bit more of what I'm looking for and seems like a better fit for my company at this point than Karen. It wasn't really a case of 'what could Karen have done differently' in order to stay - she didn't really do much wrong.

But when all is said and done, and after 11 weeks, you get a good feel of what people's personalities are like and whether they'll be an asset to your company or not.

Karen's got a lot going for her - she's a very strong, forthright businesswoman, and I I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy being on the other side of a boardroom table when she's negotiating! However, she has shown a lack of ability to act as part of a team, and I need people I can depend on to work together well.

With the final three contestants, it's very close, and I feel that they're all fairly evenly placed at this point. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they all have to offer me in the final challenge. They have done extremely well to make it to the final three. The other 11 contestants were all talented in their own areas and there have been a lot of tough decisions for me along the way.

But all 14 of them are immensely talented and I think it's a great sign for New Zealand to see that this kind of talent is out there. It bodes very well for business in this country.

Now, however, I have to look at what person is worthy and capable of working with me and the other people in my company. With such a talented final three, it's going to be a very difficult decision to choose just one of them to be my apprentice.

I will definitely be listening to the opinions of John and Nathan, as they know my company well, but ultimately the decision is mine, and the bulk of it will be based on my own gut instinct of who's the best fit. Good luck to them.


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