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Nicky Clarke - Evicted week 9

Nicky Clarke 




PR specialist

What is the most INTERESTING thing about you?
I've run an event with the Queen, I toured astronauts around the UK, ran a huge fundraising dinner with the All Blacks...I guess I can't sit still for long. I'm always looking for something different, exciting and challenging.

What tactics will you use on The Apprentice to make sure you win?
I will play the game differently - I'm not into down and dirty. I will play with integrity, 100% complete focus and will always look at the bigger picture.

Why should you be the next Apprentice?
Why not? I have huge drive, ambition, a proven success record and I'm balanced. I think about others, I always do the best I can for my clients. My business motto with my PR and events work is that it's all about them and making them look good while we run around in the background pulling all the strings and making it all happen.

What makes you DIFFERENT from all the other people applying for The Apprentice?
I'm not what people think. People's first impressions are always 'she seems sooo nice'. I guess I look like the shy, friendly girl next door...but am actually a very driven, hard playing, pushing the limits woman. People always seem to be surprised by who I turn out to be, compared to how I present.

What makes you angry?
People acting out of integrity or selfishly. Bullies.

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