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Lee Davies - Evicted week 2

Lee Davies 

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Self employed - Online Marketing

What is the most INTERESTING thing about you?
In regards to the Apprentice, it would be that I was succesful at an early age.  I made my first million at 23 which provided me with opportunites and freedom when I was young that others my age wouldn't normally have.  I made the most of these opportunities, particularly in pursuing my education.

What tactics will you use on The Apprentice to make sure you win?
Proactivity. Accurate thinking. Working effectively as part of a team. Identifying everyone's particular strengths.  Positive visualisation. 

Why should you be the next Apprentice?
Because I approach everything with integrity. I am well educated and have a proven success record in business.

What makes you DIFFERENT from all the other people applying for The Apprentice?
I am not in it solely for myself.  There are aspects of the world that I would change particularly surrounding politics, business and money in order to improve the way we live.  I think the world should be a better place because I was here.  I want to use this opportunity to help people understand. 

What makes you angry?
I work on not being an angry person.  If I had to say something it would be other people getting angry.  



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