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The Amazing Race Australia vs NZ


Sally and Tyson (Body builders)

Sally and Tyson represent Australia in the Amazing Race Australia on TV2

This loved-up couple are much softer than they look. Are they tough enough to put their friendly nature aside in favour of a win?


  • Sally: Veterinarian
  • Tyson: Personal trainer

Priority pack:

  • Sally: Happy snaps of us, as a reminder
  • Tyson: 1 kilogram of sweet potato and packets of Tuna

Nicknamed by other teams:

  • Big T and Sal
  • Earthquake and Sal
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Conan the Barbardian and his girlfriend

Sally’s nickname for Tyson:

  • Puppy


Sally (33) was born in Tokyo and Tyson (38) grew up on a farm in regional WA. It was love at first sight when Tyson met Sally at a Perth bar four years ago.

The visually arresting couple now live together in Perth with their two whippets, Nitris and Rokit, and are absolutely besotted with each other.

“Sally's beautiful on the inside and out,” says Tyson.

Sally says: “Tyson is the most incredible person I've ever met.”

Sally is a Locum Veterinarian and Tyson is a personal trainer. The duo bonded over their love of fitness. Tyson started training Sally to compete in Bikini and Fitness modelling in 2012 and she won the IFBB Bikini World Cup in Austria last year.

Tyson has competed as a Physique and Fitness model for four years and has a collection of titles, notably he won the IFBB O'Mara Classic Men's Physique in 2011 and ANB Supernatural Mania Fitness Model in 2012.

Their relationship is built on mutual respect.

“Both our strengths are very different, so when it comes to challenges we're going to be very versatile. Sally will take charge on certain ones and I'll take charge on others. We work very well together. We train together and we manage to find a very good balance with our relationship,” says Tyson.

Their biggest weakness is going to be their friendly nature.

“We may be too nice at times,” admits Tyson.

Sally agrees, “I can see Tyson helping other teams too much – we'll need to get a move on and he'll still be carrying bags for them!”

Both Sally and Tyson are qualified Personal Trainers, though despite their fitness-focused lifestyle, Sally says, “we're not in-your-face competitive. We're more competitive in terms of challenging ourselves and wanting to do our best.”

When questioned on flying the Australian flag, Tyson says, “anything where you can represent your country is pretty special.”