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The Amazing Race Australia vs NZ


Race Glossary

The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand is coming to TV2.

There'll be struggle, pain, confrontation and ultimately, a nation's pride left in tatters. 

But as our Kiwi representatives fight the good fight, their supporters both new and old old can keep up to date with all the latest Race jargon here, with the glossary provided below.



Clues which instruct the teams where to go next. These clues usually provide only the name of a team's next destination. It is up to the teams to figure out how to get there. At times Route Info clues may ask teams to perform a task.


The final destination for each leg on the race. After checking in at the mat, all non-eliminated teams have a mandatory rest period.


Certain legs on the race are predetermined non-elimination legs , where the last team to check-in is not eliminated. However, the last placed team needs to perform an extra task called a Speed Bump on the next leg of the Race.


An additional task assigned as a penalty for the team that checks in last during a non-elimination leg .


Contestants much choose between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. Teams are free to choose either task or swap tasks if they find one option too difficult.


A task that only one team member may perform. The clue is given as a cryptic question. Based on this information the team must decide who will complete the task before reading the rest of the task description. Once a team member has been selected, they cannot switch.


A challenging task that once completed allows one team to bypass all remaining tasks in that leg and proceed directly to the Pit Stop . Only one team may complete a Fast Forward in any given leg, and a team may only complete one Fast Forward in the entire race.


A station, located after a Detour , where a team can force another trailing team to return and complete the other side of the Detour that they did not complete. Teams may only U-turn any other team once in the race.


Allows a team to skip one task, including Roadblocks and Detours , during the race. The choice of which task to skip is at the team‟s discretion.


The team first to the Pit Stop in a designated leg is given the option of a time advantage at the start of the following leg, or saving the last placed team from elimination.