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The Amazing Race Australia vs NZ


Ashleigh and Jarrod (Newlyweds)

Ash and Jarrod represent the Australians in the Amazing Race Australia on TV2

These newlyweds love to compete in a challenge; will this one be for better or worse?


  • Ashleigh: Hairdresser
  • Jarrod: P.E. Teacher

Priority pack:

  • Ashleigh: Hair straightener
  • Jarrod: Ear plugs

Nicknamed by other teams:

  • Mr & Mrs Australia
  • Home and Away


Newlyweds from Victoria, Ashleigh (27) and Jarrod (28), recently celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. They're traditional in their views and values - Ashleigh enjoys fulfilling her wifely duties and Jarrod is a man's man.

Both enjoy holidaying on the Gold Coast and with their blonde hair are often mistaken for locals. Their overseas travel is limited to short stints in Europe and the USA.

“We've only been to developed and English-speaking countries so we're expecting to encounter some culture shocks. I'm not good with the language barrier at the best of times,” says Jarrod.

Ashleigh adds: “I can stomach most things, but Jarrod will struggle. He likes his meat and three veg.”

The high school sweethearts describe themselves as honest, upfront and competitive. They both go to the gym to keep fit and have entered triathlons and Tough Mudder, but agree The Amazing Race will be their ultimate competition.

“We do a lot of competitive things and always strive for the next biggest challenge, but there's not much bigger than this,” sums up Jarrod.

Ashleigh says they're confident their relationship will withstand the pressures of the Race. “We know each other well and can make decisions quickly and together. We're not overly sensitive people. We're fit and head-strong,” she says.

Jarrod is known by his mates to be one of the most patriotic Australians.

On competing with the Kiwis, Jarrod admits: “We‟d hate to lose to the New Zealanders!”