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PlayStation All Star Battle Royale: PS Vita Review

By Darren Bevan

Published: 2:03PM Monday December 17, 2012

Platform: PS3 / PS Vita

Released by Sony Computer Entertainment

When it comes down to it, haven't you always wanted to know who would win in a fight between Sackboy and Ratchet? Between Parappa the rapper and Jak and Daxter?

If not, then jog on, because you're not needed here.

If the answer's yes, then the right beat'em'up has just arrived on your doorstep. There's no real plot here to be honest - you just pick a player of some of Sony's greatest and most rated and fight your opponents to the death, building up power and strength of smackdowns to finish them off. The one with the most beat downs, wins and goes on to the next game.

Rocket science it ain't - great fun, it certainly is.

On the VITA, the graphics are clear and concise and while occasionally the scope of the battle arena means you're looking at a smaller character to take in the gorgeous backgrounds from other games - but it's a visual sacrifice worth taking as you unleash a smackdown on the baddies.

From the likes of Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Sly Cooper, Fat Princess, Ratchet, Jak, Kratos, there's certainly one hell of a talent roster to call on. And each has their own set of skills to bring down on the opponent. Using the super moves, (a tiered power move) you have more at your disposal to help you win your bout. From combo moves to slick graphics, it's a game which visually hits all the right buttons. With the concise OLED screen, it means that the eye never really suffers as the game goes on. It takes time to get used to the best of the characters and at first, that's hard as the majesty of the game unfolds. 

Away from arcade mode, there are other challenges, moves to complete, games to resolve and content to unlock - plus there's also the hint that further downloadable content is on the way in the form of other unlockable characters (I'm hoping for Crash Bandicoot to be frank with you), so there's certainly a long life ahead in this franchise. Online gaming and multiplayer modes exist to give this title a bit more of a social feel as well

PlayStation All Star Battle Royale reminds you of the great talent and iconic characters created by Sony and now you can make them fight for your pleasure. Fun and cartoonishly violent, this is a simply playable game which is portable and guaranteed to keep you amused either at the bach or in the car on the way to the beach this summer.

Rating: 8/10