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Woman assaulted for purportedly speaking Te Reo

Published: 1:43PM Tuesday January 05, 2016

  •  (Source: Te Karere)
    Shona Maiden - Source: Te Karere

A woman was assaulted outside of a bar on New Year's Eve for purportedly speaking Te Reo.

Shona Maiden was leaving the 123 Karaoke Bar in Howick, East Auckland, after spending a night out with friends.

As they were leaving, Ms Maiden said she said “ka kite anō” to people outside the establishment.

“I yelled out ‘ka kite anō’ and this male come up to me, quite stocky build, and said, ‘How dare (you) speak that language you palagi’, and said a few other rude words to me,” she says.

“I turned around and told him to get effed and next minute I was knocked out (and) while I was knocked out he was still laying in to me.”