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Wheelchair-bound man given reprieve by Housing NZ

Published: 4:49PM Friday March 13, 2015

  •  (Source: Te Karere)
    Housing NZ evicts wheelchair-bound tenant - Source: Te Karere

A wheelchair-bound man and his whanau have been given a reprieve from eviction. Raniera Kahui Ariki was issued an eviction notice from Housing NZ for alleged anti-social behaviour last week but it has since been put on hold.

Last week Mr Kahui Ariki, along with his sister Waiata and her children, faced the prospect of becoming homeless on today due to what his family describes as a breach of his human rights.

"We will be homeless,” said an emotional Waiata Kahui Ariki, “I'm still refusing to leave because they told us they'd find us a home."

Housing NZ had given the Kahui Ariki whānau two weeks to get out of their home after receiving complaints of anti-social behaviour, which the family refutes.

"They were only going off hearsay from one person,” said another sister, Marama.

“They never ever got any other complaints from anyone else except for her."

One of the most consistent complaints made by the neighbour, who has since moved, was around Raniera listening to his radio during the day.

"It was harassment. They basically harassed him just as much as the neighbour did. Over the last four years he's just been constantly harassed," claimed Marama.

Housing NZ had initially responded in a letter saying they did not tolerate anti-social behaviour but have now put the eviction on hold until they can find alternative housing for the family.