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Rapare 16 Here-turi-koka 2012

Published: 11:46AM Thursday August 16, 2012

Gang patch ban has its first reading in parliament.
The Prohibition of Gang Insignia in Government Premise Bill is going through its first reading in parliament. The bill restricts gang patches being in public places such as government departments, schools and hospitals. But one gang member believes it'll do little to address the problem of gangs.

Waka fleet returns from epic 18-month voyage
A fleet of seven ocean going canoes has just completed an epic 18 month voyage of the pacific islands, the Americas, and the Galapagos islands, Vaka Moana and their crew say they want to highlight the importance of our seas to our heritage.

Plain packaging underway for Australia - will NZ follow?
National MP Tau Henare, cautions NZ is a long way off from forcing cigarette companies to sell their products in plain packaging. A landmark ruling from the Australian high court will allow plain packaging there. But Tau Henare says there are other factors his govt will need to consider.

Koroneihana: King Tuheitia 6th Coronation
Waikato-Tainui's Koroneihana celebrations started today, but as King Tuheitia celebrates six years as the head of the Kingitanga, he's made some surprising public admissions in the tribal newsletter, Te Hookioi, about personal attacks taking their toll. We talk to Rahui Papa about this matter and others.

Busby to see off his waka tomorrow
The historic voyage of the waka hourua, Te Aurere and Ngahiraka, is one more notch for Hekenukumai Busby, in reviving the traditions of our ancestor's ocean going canoes. The waka begin their 10 week journey to Rapanui tomorrow, but the master builder and navigator has had to curtail his own involvement, under doctor's orders

Gang patch ban targets Maori, says Harawira
Mana Party leader Hone Harawira joins us to discuss the gang insignia bill and Ngati Kahu's request to the tribunal.

Warriors undergoing review
According to chief executive Wayne Scurrah, the survival of Brian McClennan's position is not guaranteed. Ivan Cleary took the team to the grand finals last year but under McClennan their luck has run out.