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Rätü 19 Pipiri 2012

Published: 12:44PM Tuesday June 19, 2012

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    Bible-carrying Sky City worker breaches policy

Bible-carrying Sky City worker breaches policy
A long-serving, Sky City worker is facing disciplinary action over carrying a bible in her pocket at work. Tuni Parata was caught with the bible while in the restroom by a manager. This was reported as a breach of company policy where unrelated work items - such as mobile phones and books - are not allowed to be carried around while on the job. She will be facing a disciplinary meeting on Thursday.

Government to introduce school ranking system
The government says controversial league tables which rank schools are on the way whether you like them or not. We visited an Auckland school that is vehemently opposed to the idea. The government says parents are desperate for information about how their child and school are doing compared to the rest of the country. But Labour says the government is using the league tables issue as a distraction tactic after the back-down on class sizes. We talk to Pita Sharples about the Maori Party stance on this issue.
Family hopes missing teen is safe up North
A family searches for their teenage son who's been missing for 19 days. Te Houtaewa Dargaville went missing from Mellons Bay, Auckland. The family believe he's alive but is anxious to know where the 18-year-old is. Dargaville had previously talked of going up North to research his whakapapa connections. He was last seen wearing red top and black pants.

Well managed + quality teachers + supportive community = great school
Keith Ikin tells us what he thinks of the government's plan to introduce league tables to rank schools, on the performance of some of our Maori MPs, and the difference between Maori-medium schools and mainstream schools.

Kiwi returns to North Island after a century
Our rarest species of kiwi have returned to the North Island after a century's long absence. Twenty Rowi kiwis were released today on Mana Island, near Wellington. They are now in the care of Ngati Toa and the Department of Conservation.