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Rätü 15 Haratua 2012

Published: 2:55PM Tuesday May 15, 2012

Coroner's recommendations could have saved life
A Rotorua family is calling for all coroner recommendations to be investigated. 17-year-old Bishop Thompson died in a jetski accident last year. The Rotorua coroner who investigated the death said recommendations that he made after an earlier Jet-ski accident could have saved Thompson's life.

Increase in prescription charges costly
Maori families are bracing themselves for what they describe as the far reaching consequences to increase the cost of prescriptions by $2.

Workers' rights will suffer under new labour laws
Employers have welcomed the Government's new labour laws, but unionists say it's an attack on worker's rights and will drive down wages.

'Accidental Millionairess' Kara Hurring in court 
Hurring was in Rotorua court today facing charges relating to theft, fraud and money laundering. From Ngati Porou, she faces 30 charges with her Chinese partner at the time, Hui Gao. They are accused of using nearly $6 million before leaving the country in 2009.

Missing korowai's replacement on exhibition 
An exhibition of taonga by Waioweka Brown now has a new edition. A new korowai will be shown as part of the collection. According to the Brown family, their grandmother gifted items to the Gisborne Museum over fifty years ago. However, one of her treasured possesions, a korowai, was lost.