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Rāpare 25 Paenga-whāwhā 2013

Published: 6:43PM Thursday April 25, 2013

  • Anzac Day 2013
    Anzac Day 2013

Auckland museum hosts thousands for dawn service

The Auckland Museum hosted the biggest Anzac dawn service in the country this morning with people paying their respects to the soldiers that fought in the wars of the world. Also this is the 98th year since the First World War in Gallipoli.

Māori ode rings out at Wellington cenotaph

Since the early hours of this morning right up until now, remembrance services for soldiers who fought in the war continue in Wellington. But something quite different happened at the dawn service at the town centre's cenotaph this morning, it was the first time the ode had been read at that  particular venue in Māori, preceding the English version.

Soldiers acknowledged in medal ceremony

Like homes all over the East Coast, many sons of Uawa went to World War II under the banner of C Company. This morning, the people of Te Aitanga a Hauiti gathered at Hinemaurea Marae to remember those who were lost at war and to award medals to their soldiers.

Veteran one of the last B Company survivors

Over 125 soldiers from B Company of the 28th Māori Battalion left to serve overseas. Our reporter, Kereama Wright caught up with one of the four remaining survivors of the Waiariki region who served with the 28th Māori Battalion, Puhi Pātara.

Veterans gather at RSA to remember fallen comrades

South Auckland is home to many Māori veterans and they gathered at the local RSA to remember those who have passed on.

Anzac Day celebrated overseas

We take a look at some of the different places in the world that held Anzac commemorations.

Passing on the Anzac legacy

Rapaera Tawhai interviewed researcher and 28th Māori Battalion expert, Monty Soutar about the Anzac memorials and celebrations held in NZ today and their importance for future generations.