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Rāpare 22 Haratua 2014

Published: 8:39PM Thursday May 22, 2014

  •  (Source: Te Karere)
    Brendan Horan - Source: Te Karere

Roast Busters report prompts apology from minister

The police's public image has taken a huge blow, after a report has found they gave inaccurate information to media about their investigation into the Roast Busters group. While police aren't giving any statement about the report, the Police Minister has given her own personal apology.

Brendan Horan fires allegations against Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters will be investigated by the Speaker and Parliamentary Services after claims from former NZ First MP Brendan Horan that Mr Peters allegedly misused his leader’s budget on a computer programme to help fundraise and target party supporters. But Winston Peters says the allegations are lies.

Council spends less than 25% of funds allocated to Māori initiatives

An independent report on Auckland Council's expenditure shows significant underspending on Māori related outcomes. The Independent Māori Statutory board said in a release today the council appear to be talking but not delivering on Māori projects.

Māori education stalwart Pani Stirling dies

Māori educationalist Pani Stirling has passed away at the age of 77 after a long illness. For years she and her husband, Te Keepa Stirling, were the backbone behind Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae, and they have taught hundreds of students over the years.

Te Ripowai Higgins honoured for long service

Last night, Victoria University honoured Te Ripowai Higgins for 25 years of service. Te Karere was there as she was celebrated by staff, students and former students alike.

Renowned Māori historian launches latest book

Professor Keith Sorrenson, a leading Māori historian, will tonight release his new book on a collection of essays regarding Māori history, land and political issues. Professor Keith speaks to Te Karere about his latest work.