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Rāpare 11 Hōngongoi 2013

Published: 6:13PM Thursday July 11, 2013

Tokoroa dairy owner’s still finding ways around the law

A bill that restricts the sale and manufacture of legal highs is set to pass its third and final reading in parliament.  Dairies have until next week to get rid of surplus stock, and stores that want to sell the product will need a special license.  But as Tina Wickliffe reports, the changes don't go far enough for the community of Tokoroa where dairy owners have found a way to outsmart the law.

Parliament votes for SkyCity deal cast today

The Sky City casino and convention centre deal is set to pass its first reading with John Key confident all of his MPs will vote for the legislation. MP's loyalty is being put to the test as they make a conscience vote at the legislation's first reading which is currently being thrashed out in the house.

Sharples unsure of Katene as Turia's potential successor

Dr Pita Sharples will attend the Maori Party's AGM in Whakatane tomorrow. He says that although he'll support Te Ururoa Flavell in replacing him, he has misgivings about the former Te Waipounamu MP replacing Tariana Turia.

Head boy slams Dunne's position over 'Food Bill'

Peter Dunne's decision to vote against the food bill is being condemned by the head boy of Naenae College. NZ born Tom Bird spent grew up in England for eight years. He says his college embraces Maori philosophies behind the schools breakfast club and believes all schools should be on board 100%. Peata Melbourne went to visit him.

Maori trade opportunities in Taiwan trade agreement

Last night Trade Minister Tim Grosser welcomed NZ's latest free trade agreement with Taiwan which will see the removal of tariffs on virtually all of NZ's exports, within four years, and establishes an open skies agreement, Hinerangi Goodman caught up with Traci Houpapa FOMA chairperson, before she flew out to Taiwan this afternoon.

Mandela doctors rule out turning off life support

The king of Nelson Mandela's Thembu tribe says the 94-year-old is conscious and recognises visitors

Firmer Police action on 'Legal Highs' says Harawira

The Sky city deal, Legal highs, Mana Party's Waiariki candidate and patrols in Kitaia with Hone Harawira.