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Rämere 18 Haratua 2012

Published: 3:22PM Friday May 18, 2012

Sister of sex-offender learnt of brother's charges via Facebook
Last month, Te Rito Henry-Miki pleaded guilty to charges fabricating his CV and birth certificate to gain work in schools. Today he was awaiting the court's verdict. Our reporter Irena Smith was at the Auckland District Court where she learnt that Miki's sister had flown in from Australia after learning of the charges he was facing via Facebook. It had been 20 years since they had last seen each other.

Athlete prepare for Rowing World Champs ahead of Olympics
The main focus is the Olympics, but Storm Uru of Ngai Tahu has another contest to grapple with before the Games. He's one of the NZ reps that left for Switzerland today.

Style Pasifika ends after a 17 year run
Maori designers are disheartened as Style Pasifika comes to an end. The event was seen as a launching pad into the industry and the cancellation of the event is seen as a great loss.

'Accidental Millionairess' found guilty on 30 charges
All 30 charges have been laid against Kara Hurring after a series of dishonest dealings.  In the Rotorua court, Hurring plead not-guilty to the 30 charges but was found guilty for all. They related to the fraudulent use of a credit card and laundering money after $10 million was accidentally banked by Westpac into her partner's account in May, 2009.

Voyage to Rapanui set to sail ahead
They're crossing the Pacific on two waka hourua - Te Aurere and Nga-hi-raka Mai Tawhiti - to get to Rapanui. According to expert navigator, Hekenukumai Puhipi of Ngapuhi, the stars, moon and other signs of the environment will direct them on the ocean to their destination.

Te Papa Tupu programme to encourage Maori authors
Potential Maori writers are being encouraged to enter a 6-month incubator programme which will foster and develop them to produce a piece of literature. The programme is run by The Maori Literature Trust.

New direction for Maori Music
How can Music with Maori language develop if only a few understand? We speak to Ngahiwi Apanui about future plans.